Today is our valuable canvas on which we draw, write and designe our desired tomorrow.
                It so happened that one of our greatest if not the most greatest threat of us homo sapiens that enabled us to multiply ,proliferate and metastasize to cover the entire Glob is our ability to co-operate in times of need and negotiate peace and fight when and if needed.with these threats we have been able to concur all species and the world to the point where we have declared our selves sole masters of the world and everything else in its dominion. As that have been true for a while, we have been struggling to master ourselves and that struggle have been the hardest thus far and it is being chipped a piece at a time and we have made quite a stride and continue to gain ground by every passing hour and minute. All our big and small startups could have been works of individuals ,but all are and were accomplishments of co-operative many bar none.
                 As suggested by Darwinian evolution life and life's progress along the evolutionary path upward is a product of the struggle to be the fittest of what is at a time and place ,  it so happened by some coincidence of chance homo-sapiens found out to be the fittest one that doesn't always fight , but play a game, a none zero sum game to be precise.It is fundamentally the discovery of this strategic game play with in the species that was instrumental in the mastery of the Globe and declaration of itself as the master of all in the Globe.
               Life mastered the art of playing a none zero sum game early on in the crib cycle when it some how mastered to generate one atp+ a fraction by consuming one atp of energy or else it would have remained one celled and bound. While all games failed the only non zero sum game guaranteed continuous and permanent growth because there is some for all or both in cases of two party games. In a win loose it will only be time before the looser is to strike back and perhaps effect a reversal of fortune or cause a harm and inconvenience , In a loose loose it is a back to ground zero and "a too much ado about nothing " as Shakespeare said it, and it is only in a win win game that all had a stake in keeping the win however small or however big .
                It is that surplus of a win win game that kept humanity going and winning against the rest of our competing primates and others.This boisterous claim begs a question that if we got here by cooperating why fight as fighting has been prominent in our human history?  
               As nothing in the universe from the minutes to the galactic level is evenly distributed there is often concentration points and scarce localities that are instrumental to the continuos motion and transformation of materials in all forms from these high concentration points to sparser localities and vice versa . In an intra and enter species relations there often are the same disparities that are instrumental in harmonious relationships on a give and take relationship. In these relationships like in other grander and smaller realities there are some points of equilibrium or a "Nash equilibrium" scenarios that some times arise whose resolutions could take either in a negotiated settlement or a full blown collusion that takes wars and strifes in inter and intra human relationships and a super nova explosion in the case of galactic equilibrium resolutions.If these equilibrium stalemates are not resolved not life ,but matter itself cease meaning and existence for motion and dynamism are part  and essence of this reality. 
                The path of negotiated settlement have been one of the great discoveries of homosapiens that is the greatest discovery of them all that no other species or organized matter in any form has acquired to-date for whom humanity owe its mastery of the Globe or else it would have collided to point of its demise and start again or never.
                 I went looking for a solution in game theory though Enestien said "God doesn't play dies" , nature for sure does, and we and almost everything else  seems a products and byproducts of these nature's play and experiment of dies that makes the search proper and perhaps appropriate. The subject matter under discussion's emencity is such that a book may not suffice it to cover its whole aspects and particulars that I dare try ,but remain with in the objectives of the the site, which is to garner co-operation on the  projects i felt are important and add yours if you so feel about them.
  Thank you and please keep in touch as then, now and always.
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